26th Jan. 2014: Onno Viets und der Irre vom Kiez

The radio play adaption of Frank Schulz' novel of the same name with my radio play music on NDR info. On 4th. Feb. the piece will be played at Hamburg Planetarium.

26. Feb. 2014: Pasted! on MDR Figaro and kulturradio vom rbb

The feature Pasted! Wir sind die Zukunft der Musik will be aired on 26. Feb. 2014 at 22:00 on MDR Figaro and at 22:04 on kulturradio vom rbb.

24. March 2014: räuber.schuldengenital

Radioplay by Ewald Palmetshofer on WDR3 at 23:05

30. March 2014: The Karnau Tapes

Deutschlandradio Kultur broadcasts the radio play at 18:30 based on the novel by Marcel Beyer

Radioplay Music


The Power of the Warlords of Mogadishu, by Bettina Rühl

SWR2, WDR5, SR2 KulturRadio, antenne saar, Nordwestradio und Bayern 2

Directed by: Martin Zylka

Music: Andreas Bick

First Broadcast: 23. 3. 2011 on SWR2





Since 20 years, instead of a functional government Somalia is ruled by islamic militia. All international attempts to stabilize the country have failed or even produced more problems. Most recently in summer 2010, 1000 policemen went underground that were trained and armed with German money. Is there any hope for Somalia?

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