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Dead Man, by Andrea Camilleri

(Toter Mann)


Production: Deutschlandradio Kultur 2007
Translation from the Italian: Renate Lampen
Adaptation: Idalberto Fei
Speakers: Gerd Wameling, Maria Hartmann, Heinz W. Kraehkamp et al.
Directed by: Götz Naleppa
Music: Andreas Bick
Length: approx. 54'30
First broadcast: 25 March 2007





While swimming in the sea in front of his house in Marinella, Montalbano collides with a body. The dead man is just one of many nameless people washed up by the tides along the Sicilian coast. A wave of illegal immigrants, launched on boats at night by bands of people smugglers, is flooding the island. When Montalbano tries to help a refugee child, this has unexpected consequences.

Andrea Camilleri, born in 1925 in Sicily, multi-award-winning novelist, scriptwriter and director. His successful series of Montalbano novels began in 1994 with The Shape of Water. Since then, the cultured Commissario, who also enjoys exquisite cuisine, has also featured in many radio plays.

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