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Berlin Berlin

Directors: Franziska Meyer Price, Sven Unterwaldt, Christoph Schnee, Titus Selge, Ulrike Hamacher, Edzard Onneken among others
Produced by Studio Hamburg
Actors: Felicitas Woll, Jan Sosniok, Sandra Borgmann, Matthias Klimsa, Rhea Harder, Alexandra Neidel among others


4 seasons. The series has received several awards including the 2004 International Emmy Award for best foreign-language television series. In 2002, Felicitas Woll received the German Television Prize for best actress in a series; in 2003, she received the Adolf Grimme Prize together with the scriptwriter David Safir; and in 2004, she received the Golden Rose of Lucerne.


The score for "Lolles Love Theme" can be downloaded here.




Country-girl Lolle moves to Berlin with the dream of becoming a comic artist. Together with her cousin Sven, the lesbian Rosalie and the somewhat vulgar programmer Hart, she experiences crazy adventures in Berlin's urban jungle. The fast-paced stories tracing Lolle's journey to womanhood were a huge success among critics and viewers alike. It was the first time that comic animations had been used in an early-evening series on German television to portray the protagonist's thoughts and fantasies. In addition to the comic scenes, voice-overs were used so that viewers could also experience some of Lolle's somewhat less socially-acceptable contemplations. The music to the series uses ironic references to film scores as an accompaniment to the colourful mix of humorous situations and tragic moments. As a result, Lolle is transported into her own "film" in which the adventures that she experiences require her to rise above herself and deal with the ups and downs of everyday life.

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